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Because you've brought so much to it too yeah? I'm about done with you now Joel, you think you're so much better than everyone else but let's face it, you're a cunt! And I know you'll be a pussy about it and ban me because you can face the facts. All you and Ziss bring to this forum is trolling as well as constant posts in here bullying Meyyappan.
What a silly act of immaturity. This again sums you up completely. You don't like what has been said about Arsenal, so you lash out and get upset. You act like an 8 year old.

You've had over 15,000 posts on this forum and 1000s of shouts in the shoutbox and the majority have been useless. The majority of your posts here are made up of a single sentence. When you post a news article, you don't even expand on it. What is the point of you as a member here? Although Meyyappan often ends up looking silly, he at leasts sparks a string of posts. What do you actually do? Nothing at all. The only thing that would be hampered if you was permanently banned would be the Fantasy League as you are a manager. But apart from that, absolutely nothing. You have brought zilch to this forum.

I would like examples of me thinking I am better than everyone else, me bullying Meyyappan and me trolling. I just posted a longish type of post (for these days on this forum) and you reply with a predictable one sentence post that was absolute garbage. And then you dare talk about me trolling and not contributing? Absolutely laughable. If I didn't contribute, I wouldn't have been made an admin years ago. I wouldn't have been opening threads to get discussion, trying to sort out games to spark some excitement, run the end of year awards when we needed them, sorted out the credits and then running the bookie when people were interested, getting the alternate skins back up and running when the server got fucked and lost everything, on and on and on.

You're a joke, TH. And now I too have nothing else to say to you.
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