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Pes 2018:Real simulator or real parody?

Once again Konami proved their inability to create intelligent AI,which can handle a particular situation without having to resort to cheat.Instead, this year they doubled their trademarked cheat codes.If somebody think, that control the game,he's dreaming.Again:The game controls you.The most famous ugly cheats from Konami in BAL:
1.If a player score 3 or more goals in one match he will get reward:All possible bad luck in the next match (in most cases)
2.Most slowest AI defenders have double agility,explosive power and pace than a player with 99 or 127 in all atribute (in most cases)
3.If a player does not have to win a certain match, his team simply refuses to support him in an attack.Simple and efficient from Konami.8 AI defenders vs 2 (or in some cases one) footballers in attack from your team,or maybe you will be lucky to hit the post 5 and more times in one match

Generally speaking, the same known cheats of the previous years
Football is a fair sporting game,and must be,but Konami's football concept is trying to convince me of the opposite.

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