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Sorry for the delay, but as i'm finishing AFC teams squad numbers, i really need to create some others importants players (especially from Zob Ahan)

I've planned that, but as the team seem full enough, i didn't figured out that there's 6 to 9 players to create. I didn't count, but there's some important, some not at all (more playing with B team)

I should have release this tonight, but i will be tomorrow probably.
AFC is one hell of a work to do, more than any league to be honest:
-Too much players that you can't found real height/weight
-Many players with blank faces
-Some errors in stats, less than before, but still
Hi Vialli,

Since I am desperate for a flawless OF before I can start a proper Master League, I will be waiting for your team exports. I have tried so many good ones but I have no experience with editing at all. Especially after Data Pack 5 there are many Japanese duplicates, both created and added by Konami. On top of that, there is a mess in the preset formations (main, defense, custom) and I do not know how to fix this.

I will wait until mid May to finally play this game otherwise I will switch to NBA2K and wait for January 2020 if the new PES makes some progress. FIFA is not an option for me. However, I really would like to give PES a final chance so I do hope that you will release your own OF.

Thanks and have a good one

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