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new in Colombian First Division are

Cucuta Deportivo
Union Magdalena

the players youŽll get from transfermarkt,squads are actual
Not what i wanted to say, but there's two very good exports from Chile (especially) and Brasil promoted teams, but not a single export or update done for Colombia clausura.

I've got the kits for both, but it will take too long to create both teams + finishing my work.

I need at least a "basis" with faces and stats more or less created.

So it will be Libetadores teams at first.

And then ONLY if i've got time, the 2 promoted Liga Aguila will replace less important not qualified clubs.

...But my next move is to correct every IG players mistakes like i've said before, it was my first intention before creating teams.
And for experience from the two last years, it's not the easiest part.

I really try to do my best, working really hard on this project, but i can't stop time to finish it and provide the whole package unfortunately.
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