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I've known about that smiley for years, it just do happens that now is the most appropriate time to use it.

I would have preferred you to have shut the fuck up, tbh. You ripping into his purchase isn't necessary, and helps no-one.

I know a fair amount about computers, thank you. I also know that ripping into a lad because he purchased one different to one of my recommendations is inappropriate. Hunter comparing it to a bad tattoo is bang on.
Well It's hardly on par with getting a tatoo. A tattoo is for life, while a laptop should last 3-4 years, tops.

Personally I would compare it to clothes. If I plan to buy a jacket, or pair of jeans from a certain shop and my friends tell me it's a bad idea to get that particular brand from that particular shop, I would assume they were looking out for me. If I still went ahead with the purchase believing my own judgement to be better, I would still rather they present their opinion afterwards to tell me whether or not it looks nice

If they kept silent even though they held a strong opinion that the cloths looked ridiculous on me but still let me go out and wear it while looking silly, I would be like ''why didn't you tell me these clothes looked so bad?''. I rather they say it looks bad, so I can take it back and get it changed for something else, than remain blissfully ignorant yet look stupid.
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