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In my opinion, as long as rules are followed (that is, as long as there aren't any referee's mistakes), we can't say a team does not deserve to win a tournament or move on to the next round.

For example, we can't say that Portugal didn't deserve to win UEFA Euro 2016. Portugal followed the rules and if they won it is because the other teams that faced Portugal couldn't do better either. The same applies for Argentina in WC or any other teams.

We can say that some teams deserved to move to the next round, specially smaller teams, since they made a great effort and played really well for their level. But can we say that they should move to the next round instead of another team, who had better results? For example, can we say that Iran, despite they played well, deserved to move to the next round instead of Spain or Portugal, who got better results (more points)? Same thing applies for Iceland/Nigeria and Argentina.

But of course, this is just my point of view
If iran scores in extra time iran goes to next round. But that often a little bit more luck. And i only say you need luck two too win a wc no team plays 7 games ans win 7-1 like germany against brazil. The best to show is like portugal wins EM2016 with a lot of luck i think france deserve it more.
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