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Originally Posted by Cali
I know this was posted a while ago but, Whats the fucking point of posting this? I said that most of the appearences are good, but I don't go much on the Jay Bothroyd. I never said it was shite, as it certainly is not that. ATH10, you have to learn that every appearence you do will NOT get great comments, I learnt this, and I am perfectly happy with people expressing themselfes. But this post and your "Its better than nothing" post is just basically not letting the other individual express themself. Which is a lot of bollocks. You should let people express themselfes more, then they would most probably comment on your well made work. You can also learn from people saying that your appearence isn't great, so then you can work on it, and make it look better.
Yes i agree with you, but i think you're forgetting that i agreed the Bothroyd app wasn't great as for Godfathers post the haha i posted afterwards was a sarcastic. I also thought it was a stupid post.

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