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Manual tackling!!!

Get rid of having to tap A/X twice to tackle. It should be once. The slight delay in having to press the button twice is enough for you to mistime a tackle. Sometimes the opportunity to tackle perfectly is a split second and then the opportunity is gone. Having to wait an extra split second to pull off the tackle because you have to press the button twice is cumbersome, stupid and can be fatal.

To accommodate just pressing the button once, get rid of pressurise when holding A/X as it mistimes its auto tackle or doesn't even pull it off sometimes. Its useless alot of the time, and causes a delay in pulling off tackle manually as you have to press the button twice in order to accommodate pressurise on the controls. It would free up the button to be just pressed once to pull off tackle, and make it properly responsive. I've recently started only using tackle instead of using any pressurising, and my defending is far better without this so called computer "aid". Still, the delay in having to press the button twice does cause aforementioned problems. Full PROPERLY RESPONSIVE control, please! Your computer aids are more a hindrance than anything. I'm better at deciding when to tackle than the AI, and it should be a skill anyway.
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