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I need a little help regarding formations.

When playing online (or just humans in general) I find that my players seem to break off easily (or go for a wonder) when the opposing team have possession giving them lots of time and space. Calling for a defender sometimes works but I don't find this very reliable.

I've messed around with setting since the day before release but still can't find a solution to the problem and it's doing my nut in!

My defensive record was very good on PES5, I rarely got beat by humans and my defensive record online was very good so it's pissing me off that my defense just allow the players to walk through.

When playing I'm often Man Utd unless I've a weak opponent then I'm Atletico Madrid.

Any suggestions guys?
I have exactly the same problem as you mate & that is why I hate PES6! I thought that maybe it was just my formation but I have even tried JMZ new formation & the defending is still rubbish!
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