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I've broken my rule. I signed up last night. I got 4 free packs and the best players I got were Ivanovic, Pandev, Spahic, Çalhanoğlu, Cambiasso and Henderson. I got a lot of CBs, overall.

I'm trying to sell Ivanovic for 3k , so I can purchase as many contracts as possible for Friday. I put him up for an hour last night, but he didn't go. I put him up again for a day, so hopefully I 3k (or buy now 3.5k) tonight.

EDIT: I've been trying to view the web app during lunch, but it's not coming up.

EDIT2: Works on Explorer, but not Firefox, even with adblock off.

EDIT3: Oh shit! Ivanovic went for buy now 3.5k. He was going for less than £3k yesterday. Will prices be rising everyday? Should I have waited until release day to sell him?
The game is released in the US tomorrow so a lot of packs will be opened and potentially lower rated players will drop in price as their card weight will increase. Tomorrow and Friday is probably a good time to stock up on cheap consumables as a lot of packs will be opened and odds are some people will list them low either through ignorance or just to make some quick cash.
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