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I've got about 35 contracts now. Mostly silver rares at 200 each. I'm not going to have the patience to wait for or craft/cheat to purchase these at 150, so I think I'm better off getting silver rare contracts at 200 than standard golds at 200. Silver rares have longer contract periods.

I was never much for trading - just played to get players - but towards the end of last season, I started getting contracts for 200 and reselling for 300+. It made me a few thousand coins, when purchased and sold in batches, but nowhere near the 100k+ coins that more experienced traders.


I just thought, if a PS player put something up for sale, can Xbox players purchase them? On the web app, can EA tell if you're a PS or Xbox player?
I've got 21,000 coins, 73 rare gold contracts and 19 rare gold squad fitness. If contracts go for their normal 450, and squad fitness for their normal 1,800, I should have about 83,000 coins after tax.

There are three separate markets. Xbox (360 and XB1), Playstation (PS3 and PS4) and PC.

Not sure what happens if you have access to an Xbox and PS using the same Origin account, how it works when you log in to the Web App?
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