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@Sweey somewhere between 700-800, though I won't have it all until end of febraury, so might buy everything BUT the GPU at the end of this month as the system will still be useable thanks to the onboard graphics.

I've been using this thread as a starting point then going off and researching various parts etc, hence where the xfx came from.

I wasn't too sure what wattage i'd need for the GPU/CPU combo as wasn't intending on overclocking (hence why no third party cooling) at least not for the forseable future and assumed 500w would suffice. Looking at the prices for a 650w it's not much of an increase.

Edit - or would you recommend holding fire on purchases until I have all the cash in case of price drops?
I prefer to buy as and when prices are good. What might cost 500 today might be 560 in a week, 539 in two weeks, 497 in three weeks, 495 in four weeks and 550 at the end of February. If I get a chance I'll put together a separate build for the budget and see how it compares. You seem to be forgetting a monitor at present by the way...
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