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Pes 2013 pc online lag

Hi Guys,

I've recently came back to Pes after playing Fifa for the last few years because of the lag I used to get on Pes,(I think the last one I bought was Pes 2009).

Anyway I came back to Pes after I heard it had full manual controls as I'm a manual player only to be disapointed with every online game being laggy,I've a very good connection (Fibre Optic 70mb) so I know it's not me,ports are open etc.

So my question is,have you guys experienced the same thing, and can you find better games or solve the problem?

I should also add checking the lobbies is just full of games with poor/very poor connections too.

Also do any of you play manual controls? me and a couple of other manual players who played in a club on Fifa are getting Pes 2014 and if it has a clubs mode would like to find other manual players to possibly join us.

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