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Thats a good question. In previous pes if u win the 3 games and scoring 8 goals more or less you pass the round. But for example in this pes in this weekend I win with an average of 11-1 and I dont qualify to the next round when other players pass with a 4-0. I remember that for example in 1 game I scored more than that 4 goals. (I win 3-0, 5-0 and 3-1)
After that I played other and I have an average of 8-1 and I dont pass too.
I've never seen where you win three in a row and get a better goal difference than the guy above you, you don't go through and he does- you did win them in a row? I did sometimes win the three, get 9 points and have around +8 GD but as the 16 ahead of me had even better GD I still went out so fair enough
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