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Share your Master League Strategies and Tips

Share any ML strategies or tips for this year. Here's some of mine:

-Try loaning a player for 6 months with an "option to buy" in the clause. This will likely be cheaper than buying the player outright especially if it's a young player the AI over-prices in a transfer. Eg: I was able to loan Romero for like 500k-ish Pounds with an option to buy him for half the cost of what buying him outright would be. This is basically a cheat.

-Keep an eye on expiring contracts for any players you sign for 'free' including youth team players as the contract may expire in August.

-Don't spend heavily on a GK, a decent one will likely show up in your Youth team by the end of season one, if you're in a top division club in the Premiership or something then you might have to update

-If you're a second division club then don't buy a SS, wait for Lobato to show up in January (and then sell him the next season because his stamina is shit lol).

-Try to identify at least one player who has or can be trained to have 'fighting spirit' so that he can be your future captain once he's 25. My current captain is Kramer but I brought in a DM called Cubas who I trained in 'fighting spirit' and will hopefully be my future captain once Kramer is older and sold off.

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One of my best strategy is to get a "Leader" in your team. You probably have to buy one and a safe investment in the first few seasons is D. Berardi.
As far as development goes, most players develop into 3 Star Generals. From there, they diversify.
Keep them long enough, and you'll have them vying for the 4 star spots.
Here's where things get interesting. The game is reluctant to give two players the same 4 star spot, so you'll very likely end up with players getting different roles. One each for Virtuoso, Conductor, Hero, Superstar, etc.
To be a legend, a player has to win 3 World Player of the year awards within 7 years of joining the club, as from the 8th year onwards they're more likely to become a Bandeira than a Legend.
A Legend in your team helps in your player learning skills faster.
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