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Tottenham story and future star recommendations

Hi everyone

Great game. I had some trouble getting started especially because Iíve found it very hard to cope with the wage-part of the game. However, I think itís a great challenge and also a bit more realistic.

Anyways. I Thought I'd share my team and tips about future players for you to spot.

This is my Tottenham-team in November 2023. Iím playing a 4-1-2-3 formation:

Donnarumma (Age: 24) Overall: 90
Buffon (Age: 20) Overall: 87
Neuer (Age: 16) Overall: 76

Right Backs:
Lucienbonnet (Age: 25) Overall: 92
Dani Alves (Age: 17) Overall: 79

Left Backs:
Meijers (Age: 20) Overall: 87
Evra (Age: 21) Overall: 82

Central Defenders:
Vizcarrondo (Age: 22) Overall: 87
Barzagli (Age: 17) Overall: 84
Hummels (Age: 16) Overall: 76
Luisao (Age: 20) Overall: 82
HŲwedes (Age: 17) Overall: 78

Central midfielders:
Renato Sanches (Age: 26) Overall: 93
Yaya Toure (Age: 21) Overall: 86
Iniesta (Age: 16) Overall: 79
Fabregas (Age: 17) Overall: 81
Fellaini (Age: 16) Overall: 72
Modric (Age: 16) Overall: 77

Attacking Midfielders:
Odegaard (Age: 25) Overall: 90
Nivet (Age: 22) Overall: 85
Blaszczykowski (Age: 19) Overall: 82
Candreva (Age: 19) Overall: 82
Hamsik (Age: 16) Overall: 76

Side Strikers:
Lobato (Age: 22) Overall: 93
Brienza (Age: 22) Overall: 90
Totti (Age: 20) Overall: 87
Rooney (Age: 17) Overall: 78

Center Forwards:
Gabriel Jesus (Age: 26) Overall: 94
Aduriz (Age: 18) Overall: 83
Falcao (Age: 16) Overall: 76
Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Age: 16) Overall: 77

As you can see, there is no original players left. I sold most of them in the two first seasons to buy young future key-players like Donnarumma, Lucienbonnet, Renato Sanches, Gabriel Jesus and Odegaard. They have not disappointed me yet.

A few honorable mentions that been through the team in the past but because of age, wage or swap-deals have left me, is:
  • Sane Overall: 87
  • Gabriel (Silva) Overall: 90
  • Embolo Overall: 91
  • Tah Overall: 91
  • Jose Gaya Overall: 90
  • Neymar Overall: 87

The Top-10 best players in the game, besides the ones in my team and the ones named above in 2023 is:
  1. Melino (AMF, 26 years, 90 overall)
  2. Keita (LWF, 28 Years, 89 overall)
  3. Tacalfred (CB, 22 Years, 89 overall)
  4. Berardi (RWF, 29 years, 88 overall)
  5. Riesgo (CF, 24 years, 88 overall)
  6. De Paula (AMF, 26 years, 88 overall)
  7. Zouma (CB, 29 years, 87 overall)
  8. Courtois (GK, 31 years, 87 overall)
  9. Deulefeu (RWF, 29 years, 87 overall)
  10. Dier (DMF, 29 years, 87 overall)

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Thanks for posting! Useful to see which players come out on top.

Interesting to see which players come good and I guess things will pan out pretty similar for everyone who plays ML. I'm one or two seasons behind you but have bought quite a few of the same regens.

Lobato is crazy good. You'd have to be daft to not sign him from the youth team. He's at 92 or 93 for me and scores for fun.

I'm having some issues with wage budgets too. They are far from realistic but do provide a bit of a challenge.

I think one player I have you didn't mention is Ousmane Dembele from Dortmund. He's around 89 overall for me now and is very prolific.
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sign p. coutinho
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