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Easy to get (good) players

One of the big challenges in the game is to find out what players to but in the first couple of negotiation windows when you are unpopular and broke and the big boys don't want to transfer to you.

In my thread - List over best players in game - which is intended as a sort of buyer help since it shows the development, you can see how the best players will develop, but that does not necessarily tell you how willing they are to come to your team.

From that list I found the following players where fairly easy to buy
- Burke
- Willian
- Naismith
- Namouchi
- Gouffran
- Matuidi

They all develop well (possible exception Matiuidi, but he does okay for a couple of season)

For the first couple of years I am also looking for players that will be a step up from my lousy default players, and that are willing to negotiate, preferably trade negotiations, so I don't have to spend to much money on them. (In other words, mostly league 2 players) These guys can be under 80, as long as they are easy, because most everything is better then the default guys.

- Promes cb - is okay, and was cheap and willing
- Otam cf - seems okay, and has a 50 % of yes, but so far his team has said no
- D. Johannson (or something like that) - is willing, havent bought him yet.


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