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Master league default players. place to discuss, formations, players strengths etc

I play with a 4-1-2-1-2


Valerny leibermann Jaric Ruskin


Espimas Ximeles


Costolo Gutierez

Sorry if spellings are wrong!!

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dicky_t has discovered the General Forums. God help us.dicky_t has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

to be honest with you ,the default players all lack stamina and pace ,so for me i would play 4-5-1 ,keeping it tight espicially in the defensive third is a must ,altho sitting too deep creates its own problems

just going off your first eleven i would go

---------gk--------- ivarov
--rb--cb---cb---lb-- velerny leibermann jaric ruskin
-----DM-----DM----espimas dodo
--rm----am-----lm-- costolo ximeles gutierez
--------cf---------- ordaz

i would try to keep it simple and pass the ball ,as their stats arent too good ,but on attacking corners i would overload their box by attacking with my two centre backs can leave you short at the back ,so its imperetive you kill the game at corners ,even if you miss and it goes for a goal kick ,your players will be back in posistion for the restart

any transfer windows i would improve the defence as my priority a player such as kompany would stand out in this team a good cheap buy on the first window ,but alone unbalances the defence if you do go for him try to get a CB who is just as good as him to balance it

if you do play my way pace on the width is a must as it releives a lot of pressure ,if you keep playing your way passing speed and accuracy is important for your midfeild with your top power shooter playing behind the front men
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The Dude has discovered the General Forums. God help us.The Dude has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

i use the 4-5-1 and im doing pretty well with it.....i sign a keeper and a striker with the 1000 points u get........i team you start with are all garbage except for like two guys that have a little potential......the french AMF is one i can think of......costolo is good but he is 34 years old or something so after year 1 he is useless.....i play 5min games thou so i get more draws......if i played 10 min games i would finish in 20th.
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