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The Americas, who want to play to have fun


This is a shout out to those who want to play on the xbox online, without the run-of-the-mill choices of teams (for those of you that are reading this, those who like "those teams," knock yourselves out, just not here). I'd like to play people who don't want to be bored; I don't believe I have to say anything else about which teams and such are chosen. My user on xbox id is: DublinersWake. Let me know if you'd like to play. Again, if you care about ratings and such, don't reply: I've got a crummy rating, and just want to have fun. I'd rather lose and have fun than win and know exactly why I won, if that makes sense. I've had a hard time finding people to play in those rooms you create, and so I'm being proactive, trying to find people who want to play for fun, and not some grand rating they desire to achieve. Anywho, let me know. If not, screw you.

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