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Bal pes 2016

First let me introduce myself. I'm 45 years old and I'm former
football player. Now I'm coach(in real life).Like many others, I like video games and especially the games with football contents. I'm really disappointed from the new engine of this game in all ways:
1.For five seasons just one penalty
2.Forward with 98 speed and explosive power is easily outpaced by the slowest defender with 70-75.
3.The feint system compared to the Pes 2013 is а pathetic tragedy (full grief).In most cases, can not be used
3.Very,very ugly Japanese cheat codes. Perhaps this codes should be make the game more balanced,but is implemented in very wrong way.

Question:Why the game evolves in this direction?

At the end:Nothing real in this game just waste of time, because the player does not control anything. The game controls you. The best tactics,coach and player will not help vs this wonderful japanese scripts(This in itself speaks what kind of people are the creators of the game).In this way Barcelona and Real Madrid can be easily beaten by third division teams.

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yopen71 is an unknown

New wonderful thing in BAL!
My player has resistant injury=3, but he was injured 4 times for just one season.From september to november.In december for 2 weeks,after that from december to march and from april to may.Ha...Hats off to Konami.Brilliant!

Ps:6 season and still just one penalty!
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