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Hi, i have been playing PES all the way back from ISS days.

I am loving PES2017 and i am beginning to place it above PES5.

The only thing i would like changed/included is the 'free sides select' option. This is so i can start a World Cup with 32 'human' teams, pick the sides for each team, but then change one to a computer controlled team. Similar to how it works with Exibition games. We used to be able to do it on older games but not anymore.

I am on PS4.


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I would like to see slides and defensive speeds nerfed. Tackling recovery is to quick...AI players jumping into gaps in offense. Faster passing and recovery on fake shots/passes. To name a few... I would like to integrate more special moves on the pitch during gameplay.
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Well @Geeee I would very much agree with you, I also am a veteran from the ISS days...anyway... up untill last season there is a free side select tool with thankfully no spam addware malware etc, was difficult to find and was made for pes 2015 but it works on pes 2016 even in Master league........though what your asking for is built in to the League mode, but not the master league AKA "football Life", and the tool I mentioned above doesn't work either, hence why I have not posted a link...

This is something that's really been annoying me though, so your feedback would be nice people...p

In all the time I have been playing the new game, so far I have never seen a CB score with a header? from a corner that is... and take note, I have the "attacking players" selected in the strategy options......If that is the case it needs to be fixed....because it spoils the authenticity of the game, which in a simulation is critical..
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