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Problems with PES17

1. Levels 0 and -1 are much too fast, not realistic
2. AI players run at 100km/h and tackle at light speed
3. User shoots all the time on the bar or the AI goaler catches all balls
4. No difference at playing against a 1* or 5* team.
5. No difference with diverse difficulty levels except beginner level
6. No mean to tell the players to move forward.
By contrast AI team rushes forward and backward at light speed.
7. Pls bring the more realistic scenes of PES16 back
8. Pls stop the automatic replays of scenes. Very disturbing.
We must use the option button to stop it all the time.
Let the user decide when he wants to replay a scene.
9. Give a way to control the speed and strength of the opponent team
10. Selection of formation has no effect.
11. Provide a way to choose strategy and tactics with buttons.
12. it looks like goals can be made when the game authorizes it.

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VizualProphet is an unknown

There's problems with every game, but this is the closest I've ever seen anyone come to recreating football.
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