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Unable to create players issue solved.. but...

Hey guys,

My previous thread which is posted here was locked, I assume for posting in the wrong section and sorry if that is the case. Though I had an issue of not being able to create players and I found out only now what the problem was. The edit file named "PES2010_EDIT" located in directory -> My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2010\save is not allowing me to create players. If I cut that file and paste it on my desktop I am able to create players but then the only problem is, the players/transfers are not up to date.

That file came from Smoke patch 2.6 and I will mention again no other patches were installed before or after that... Since installing a smoke patch for PES 2009 I have not bothered with any other patches, I am too grateful for the person who made that smoke patch.

Anyways, could someone help me maybe by sending me a new "PES2010_EDIT" file with the updated transfers? I am hoping that will fix the issue and allow me to create players again. I think my file is bugged or something.

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