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[PS4] [PES 2018] PES Team - The Real Master League

Hi people,

Exported team for Master league FAN. Just import and play.

Who love master league from PS2 time with fictional original lineup player like Castolo, Minandat, Ximelezt, Captain Celnili, Ruskin, Burchet, etc...

All the players have been recreated, with statistics inspired by the classic ones and with faces adapted from those of the historical Konami football versions for PlayStation 2.

Who are interested please go to this link and download from original source:

Installation guide:
Download and extract the file (with Winzip or similar) on your computer. If Mac use the Keka program.
Move the WEPES folder to a USB device
Connect the USB device to the PS4
Go to Edit mode
Select Data Management
Select Import / Export
Select Import Team
Select the PesTeam ted file
Continue and select Apply player and team data and Overwrite images with the same name
Select OK
Wait for the files to be transferred
Exit the Edit mode and save the data

Credits :
stats by @ huigoman99 ,
faces by @byManuelito ,
emblem and uniforms by @ Buffon99

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