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Thumbs up Hidden tips for defending in pes 2016

I have been playing PES for almost 18 years now and I have discovered that you can actually make your players play way better using certain button combinations or cheat codes.However they seem to change with each years new edition. I don't promise you that you will win all your matches 100-0 or go 200 matches without conceding a goal but here are some of the things I do to defend much better than the game's original woeful defending:
For PES 2016 on PS3(I only own a PS3),pressurize opponents by pressing and holding x and square together with L2 and R2 all at the same time.Hold x and square first then hold down R2 and L2. If you're observant you will notice that it's not two of your players closing down an opponent but one and your team will track opponents and try to maintain their defensive shape.It's very effective but you must hold x and square down first before holding down R2 and L2(in effect holding 4 buttons at once).If not,this combo does not work properly and your defense will be exposed.
Also when defending with x and R1,always press x first before pressing R1. Your pressuring will be more effective than holding R1 first before X.I don't know why but I have noted this.
A simple cheat code to enter to make your team keep their shape and defend well is to press R1,R2,L1, and L2 together 3 times while you are off the ball or before the match kicks off and then press Select once.Do it in that order and you will notice a definite change in the way your team defends.
Please let me know if this helps bcos I know tons of other cheat codes that work for me.,

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hidden tips

Can you help me please ,

What you sent helped me a lot in pes 16

I would like to know if there is another chat code in pes 17?

I would be happy if you help me

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Thanks for shared

It's also helped me alot, if you know other tips please share it with me. Thanks you so much, i really hope to see your share
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