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World Cup Classics

How good would it be if there was an option to play any of the World Cup tournaments from yesteryear? This would be cool as an added option or as a standalone game. So many good memories from watching Maradona, Roger Milla, Ravelli, Romario, Valderrama, Klinsmann, Zidane, and Higuita. So many great characters that the game sadly lacks these days. The chance to play in a game with these greats would be really cool and to be able to rewrite history as well. Does fifa own all the copyrights to these likenesses and strips? I for one would def buy this.

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Humberto Beto
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Yes, fantastic
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Unfortunately the only way to do this in PES is to down load an Option File where someone has created National teams with all these classic players and create your own tournament. I suggest you search for Ratmundo's Option File. I believe he has created 64 teams to date with the all time rosters for each team. Konami is not paying for the rights to these classic player names or teams.
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