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Mac or PC Game?

Hi Guys! I just want to ask what do you prefer to play mac or pc games and what would you recommend the best game to play? Thanks!

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PC games

Both the Mac and PC games are great. If you are a proud owner of a Mac system, then enjoy the high quality graphic games. You can search online for free games for Mac and Windows processor.
You can also look for Destiny 2, FIFA 18 and World of warcraft 60 tage kaufen games that are new series of games. My friend has a Mac system and has got the FIFA 18 and we are now enjoying playing that.
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I'm all about PC gaming. It's so hard to give you a recommendation though. You should tell us more about what kind of games you like. Battle royale games are pretty popular atm and they're pretty fun too, so PlayerUknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite are my recommendations.
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Both are great. Though I prefer PC gaming. My favorite are Overwatch, Assassin's Creed
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PC all the way !
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Charles N. Fa
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The cost of a Mac is too high. I think a PC would be more affordable.
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PC of course... much more bang for the buck.
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