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@dman95 fair play mate with the links for greg to try sort this problem out really is a shame that some jealous bitter people have done this to someone who works so hard on his work, probably the most dedicated pes fan iv ever seen and long may his amazing work continue.

@Ratmundo cheers mate the little lad is on the mend alright took it in his stride me and his mam was worse off then him when he was having his operation.
hopefully itís not the end of your youtube channel and if ya think any of us can help out we surly will itís the very least we could do mate. id say your loving this world cup i personally think yaís at the very least will make the final itís probably the best chance to do it with all the so called big guns gone or will be after they play each other
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How do i download this???
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Hey Rat, has there been any progress on getting your YT channel reinstated?
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