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WEmerica has discovered the General Forums. God help us.WEmerica has discovered the General Forums. God help us.

Thumbs up ISS ULTIMATE Patch V3 PES2010 PS3 [By WEmerica & Keuch]

ISS ULTIMATE PATCH PES2010 EU V3.0 fix by WEmerica & co assist Keuch


-Real HIGH QUALITY shirt for clubs v3
-Barclay's Premier League complete
(arsenal, aston villa, birmingham, blackburn, bolton, burnley, chelsea, everton, fullham, hullcity,, portmouth, stoke city
sunderland, tottenham, west ham, wigan, wolverhampton)
-Liga BBVA complete
-Others Leagues (rubin kazan and cska moscow are real)
(letters and nums included)
(bayern munich, wolfsburg, stuttgart, bayer leverkusen, hoffenheim, hamburger, shalke, werder breme, herta, dortmund)

-Real HIGH QUALITY Shits for Nationals teams
(some new shits summer 2009)

-True Emblems Teams HD no glassed


(This is the best database on the web)

-Missing Tranferts Summer 2009
(more than 300! Congratulation Konami!)

-10 New Bundesliga's Teams: Bayern de munich, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Bayer Leverkusen, Hoffenheim, Hamburger SV, Shalke04, Werder Breme, Herta Berlin et Dortmund
(missing for the champion league and europa league)

-real names of teams clubs

-A lot of players missing for clubs
(gonalons,nzonzi,nene,bergessi o,t.smith,bassong,merida,jeffr en,vennegoor,beye,oliech,keirr ison,belhanda, delph, zenden, moussilou, sylvinho, zalayeta, eduardo costa
navas, dominguez, geijo, luis garcia, tabanou, capoue etc..)
(some real stats from konami pes2010 psp)

-Few missing players created for nationals teams
(best, miranda, liedson, vonlanthen, ozil, boateng, gentner, cacau, schafer, schiavi, ansaldi..)

ps: finally its more than 150 new players of bundesliga and missing ready for the master league

-line clubs updated
(with the last matchs from all tournaments, heavy injuries like delpiero and haoarau are not in the lineup )

-nationals teams's rosters updated from qualifications matchs World Cup 2010
(argentine->ex->higuain,bresil->ex nilmar,france-> ex m.sissoko,italie,espagne,portu gal->ex liedson,paysbas,angleterre,all emagne->ex ozil etc..)

-1 New World Cup teams: Algerie
(missing for the competition, created unstead angola)
(faces,players,shirt ->impossible to change flag or team name, its the only way to play it in cup)



-somes faces updated by the internal editor only!
(sessegnon, armand, shako, niang, cheyrou, bonnart, mbia, rodriguez valbuena , cheyrou, brandao, ilan, chalme, wendel,
ederson, pjanic, yohann pele, valencia, tymoshchyuk, etc)

-real names players (ex: lassana diarra -> lass)

-fix some numbers

-update few injuries frequencies (ex: ribery a->b)

ps: all players have defaut stats, konami updated it in all patchs they release


-real names championship and cup

-real names stadiums

update 3.0 fix
fix the loading of chelsea home kit, really sorry :/

update 3.0
near all liga kits updated with better quality v2 final
bayern home kits updated
some missing transferts done
little update lineup/squad serieA
algerie unstead angola created
injuries updated
some fix

update 2.0 fix

near all premierleague kits updated with better quality v2 final
fix and updated some kits bundesliga v2 final
fix few nationals teams kits + few rosters updated
new emblems not glassed
few players created missing merida, eduardo costa..
fast update for cska moscow
fast update for rubik kazan
and about the request this time 2.0 have defaut stats players and no faces photos!

ps: beta but complete, said beta only because the final version will be relase when konami patch will be out, so the fix edition will be the final

we have listening all your requests, and this 3.0 is for sure the best O.F at the moment on the web! i will not create others option file for now
please to accept the OF like is it, done, if you want minors changes, by yourself, thanks ps: i will release update fix only for konami patchs
[Ole Team]

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ollie1981 is an unknown

Is this for the UK version?

Last time i could not use this Option File, it did not work.
Thanks for your answer
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aimar15 is an unknown

tell me that you have added the new Adidas new kits for the national team??

if you don't ... is it possible to create them ..............
Thanks in advance
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Nasri8 is an unknown

is this a finished option file for real? whats with the classic argentina,brazil,france teams.. can i use them?

i didnt win any international cup or trophy till now..
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Germany_1989 is an unknown

Will this work for the NA version of PES2010?
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s0l1D is an unknown

The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.

Why is this different from the file on your other post?
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MoMoMo. is an unknown

all u have to answer right now is NA of or EU of. thats the important thing before going any further.

i think its for EU. and also i wish sum had sumthing like this for NA. :/
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Duff-Man86 is an unknown

I have installed the OF to my German PS3. It looks great, but the TEAM / CLUB - names are not exist. Portsmouth FC write Pompy etc. Can you Rename all Clubs???
please :-)

PS: its for EU Version BLES00689
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Sly84 is an unknown

@Duff-Man86: ist bei mir auch so, hab das prob. auch bei der x360.
Grund liegt an der Spracheinstellung des Systems. Wenn mich jetzt nicht irre wurde die OF bei Franz. systemeinstellung erstellt. Hatte die letztes mal dann auch auf Franz. umgestellt und dann waren die Teamnamen korrekt. Änderst danach dann die systemeinstellung auf deut. um, so darfst auch die Namen wieder manuell eingeben. Da kommst wohl nicht drum herum, wobei wenn das wörterbuch bei ps3 aktiviert ist, so geht es entsprechend schnell beim 2ten mal.
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Duff-Man86 is an unknown

Okay, ist ja aber irgendwie Doof gibt aber schlimmeres
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Sly84 is an unknown

naja ich als alter lateiner hätte mit franz. system ein prob. aber für wen der franz kann ist das 0 prob und das ändern geht beim 2ten mal wie gesagt flott. Schad das nicht wie bei x360 auf die festplatte zugreifen kann und mehrere datein auf einmal kopieren kann bzw. das noch länger dauernde löschen von datein weil man nicht mehrere datein eine aktion zuweisen kann. Kann nur hoffen das net zu viele updates von konami kommen die so etwas nötig machen^^
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brolly has disabled reputation

Will you be doing the rest of Bundesliga teams?

Also replacing Angola by Algeria makes no sense in my opinion, since you can't change flag or team name. Better leave Angola there I think. Otherwise really nice job.

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shihlan is an unknown

how about the classic team and hidden player? are they unlocked and change to real name?
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Sh0RTy is an unknown

comes M´Gladbach in the next Update or comes no Update more?


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profit89 is an unknown

It would be nice to have this for uk version
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