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Which PS3 PES games still have working option files?

Was thinking about picking them up because they're all dirt cheap and I avoided them all except for PES 2009 and 2013/14 but was wondering which ones will still accept option files and if there's any available for each game?

PES 2009: ?
PES 2010: ?
PES 2011: ?
PES 2012: ?
PES 2013: Currenly have one installed, not sure who's it is but I think it's all up to date but any suggestions would be great
PES 2014: Due to the World Challenge DLC, none of them seem to work and you can't download the DLC anymore (unless anyone has it still on their PS3 and can upload the game data file?). You have to edit the kits and teams manually after downloading the kit images from a USB stick and that'll take forever.
PES 2015: ? (Worth mentioning it was the first one on PS4 too so if there's an option file that works for the PS4 version?)

*Bolded are the ones I currently have on my PS3.

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