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I've been playing Konami football games since ISS Pro evolution. I love it . The past few games in the series have not been great (personal opinion), but I must say I think PES 2013 has made me a believer again. The shooting, overall physics and especially the defending are much better than in previous years and has always been the best thing about the game. Champions league and Copa Libertadores have been excellent additions and I can't wait for more leagues and competitions in PES 2014 .
I just have two requests and I hope you guys get this. Please give the crowds in the stadiums a more realistic look. Waves and waves of copies really kill the atmosphere. And my biggest problem (PLEASE GIVE SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS), is the repetitive, same old, boring commentary . This is a huge part of the game that I think has been completely neglected for too long. I want to feel like I'm playing a live game. Please work on this. I hope its not too late for next year. Thanks.

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