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Can you run medium (or high) graphics on an AMD R7 360 graphics card?

Just got a new laptop for Christmas, a Toshiba Satellite L55W-C with an Intel 5500 Graphics Card. It's supposed to be for work, and it mostly will, but I want to play PES on it of course. It works like a dream (I was used to playing it on a seven-year old laptop that would crash at random moments and was incredibly choppy) but I can only play it on the lowest graphics setting. Of course the HP's I had also seen at Costco are built with AMD processors. I believe that a comparably-priced HP laptop had a R7 M360 2GB graphics card. I realize that it is way better than the graphics card in mine, but how much? Would I be able to run the game with the graphics on a higher setting? Is it really worth going through all of the trouble of returning and getting a new one (I've installed a bunch of programs and have done some work)?

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Stay away from HP - unreliable overheating rubbish
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