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Bixer is an unknown

What's player growth/decline like?

The title says it all really. I've heard a lot of reports this year that in Fifa 14 players grow pretty quickly, but then decline insanely quickly when they reach 30, and some players even retire soon after.

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jzkenny is an unknown

I've played one full season with a squad made up of a combination of youth players and young first team players. Most players did not improve AT ALL. A few players (4 out of my squad of 20) improved their overall rating by 1 point.

I recommend not bothering with young players. It's broken.
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Bixer is an unknown

Is that just because of your experience or does that seem to be the common consensus from what you've heard?
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swaty is an unknown

I agree, its really not worth it...,

iv played many seasons, at the beggining i wanted half of my squad to be youth players.. but they take too long.

in other pes versions they evolved a bit quicker, in some way in was alot more interesting and fun, with contratcting and selling movements on and on , here they start with an rating of 71 max..more or less and they take ages, also you dont know the learning curve, that gave you insight and was really cool, plus, I dont if its because i have classic players on but you can get 16 year old players with a rating of 92 (buffon) for free.. so.. the system is a bit currpt imo..

dunoo if anyone else has had the same exp..
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metsuri69 is an unknown

These things

- Players reborn with stats they had
- Too slow player development
- No chance to learn new positions (?)

Are all just SAD things in a great game. Feels like Konami is working really with tight budget if all they can do is include a new engine, but have take off ALL old features which they've already had in older iterations!

Just sad / angry, we have to wait for next year to get these to the game I'm sure.
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Victory_22 is an unknown

brought bahebeck mid season. grew 6 OVR ALL stats at the end of the year.
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Bravus36 is an unknown

I think is ok, the fans talk about this and in Pes 2013 is too fast, the game loose the hard thing and the real football...

Now is ok, no fast evolution, only few players get fast evolution, like real world...
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Spacebob is an unknown

Had some players grow about 3-4 points in avg. rating.

It seams that even though to players are "still developing" one can evolve faster than the other. A bit lottery it seams
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