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Exclamation Master League Downgrade

I hate it how this year PES have removed the in depth features from 2013's master league and left a very basic and quite dull mode. They have removed features like staff, press conferences and player interactions but I thought they were very enjoyable.

Surely they could have just left a change of options in the menu e.g. press conferences 'yes/no'. On top of that, they have ruined player growth with people growing a max of 1 overall and they've ruined the prices by making them less accurate! :re almad: The ONLY addition has been team changing!

The gameplay is quite enjoyable and realistic, however the master league offers little added depth (like in previous versions and in FIFA) and makes the game seem repetitive i.e. you are just playing match after match. There is no management skill and there is little enjoyment from creating a masterpiece first eleven.

I just hope that no-one decides to remove the awards, rankings and transfers because they are the only in depth areas that are left available!!!!!! :re almad::realm ad: :re almad:

I just hope that someone from Konami reads this and adds the features back in and adds options so that the master league is simple for new people and in-depth and thrilling for the football fanatics. I think that the gameplay is getting better each year, yet the modes (excluding continental cups) are getting worse. Pes haven't really improved vastly from the glorious PES 6 era and have even taken steps backwards!

I think Konami need to listen to their customers' feedback because ultimately they are purchasing the product and add in customisable options so that everyone is content with the level of immersion. Start making steps FORWARD (not backwards or to the sides) and the customers will follow as it will be a better and more enjoyable game.The game has great potential, yet fails to capture the potential! I have loved the franchise and ideas that they have brought forward but the game is slacking and losing ground on competition and the direction of marketing, strategy and approach need to be re-focused to get the game back on track!

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I'll second that mate, and I'm sure there are plenty of others that would agree on here and the many pes voiceless that dont use forums (I myself am new and have been playing since pes4).

Im sure in a previous iteration of pes there was an option to cull back some of the managerial game play, just like there was an option to make the transfer market easier to sign players. These options seem pretty vital to me as I've seen in my short time here people whinge about there being no depth and the people that want a game that's fun to play and to qoute "not like a second f#*kin job!".

Checkout my post in the official konami feedback sub-cat. Master league and add to it if you like, if we want change we gotta let konami hear us
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