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PES is nothing more than an obnoxious fruit machine.

I've been playing PES since the Ps2 days but I will not be buying it again. The game has lost its soul. Konami have no honour. They've jumped on to the FIFA bandwagon. Scripting or momentum modifier as some call it have ruined PES.

At times the game is unplayable, players don't run. Easy passes go astray. AI defenders stutter, run away from the ball, run away from their position. Top goalkeepers like Buffon let in 30+ yards, piffed pea rollers in. There's no reason for me to have to put up with it. I'll be submitting a complaint to the UK gambling commission to lobby them to force companies like Conami to clearly label games that have these type of mechanics in them as it's just a gamble on whether or not you'll even be able to play reasonably.

As these mechanics are deliberate and not labelled I'll also be starting a legal action for loss of enjoyment.

Konami, I find you to be corrupt of character, lacking honour and morally repugnant. Your greed has ruined this once great franchise.

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