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GSC is an unknown

Real madrid OP

Bales right foot crosses are better than beckham in his prime....ok then konami how about making a realistic game where everybody who pick real madrid doesnt make some stupid about making a game where if someone has no talent they lose and dont get some bs goal where they are clearly being about not making real madrid an automatic ticket to win games, if they have such a lack of talent they have to pick one of the best teams and they still go 2-0 down dont let them back in.....I have more wins than losses but so many times people make comebacks on me and I dont get comebacks, how can I go 2-0 but not pull it back if it becomes 3-2 or make a comeback when I am 2-0 down.....also fix your down syndrome selection system, if I dont pick madrid, barca or bayern I dont want to play them especially with Portugal or Leicester.....quit being spastics ffs no wonder you are basically the tna to ea being wwe

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