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(PES 2018) Online modes


I am a BIG fan of football AND I GIVE A CRAP ABOUT MY COUNTRY WINNING AGAINST NIGERIA AND GETTING INTO THE NEXT PHASE YESTERDAY! Seriously, i'd rather like Russia or Uruguay to win than Argentina, they deserve it more than us!

Anyways, i do apologize for this rant, but World Cup is just a sensitive topic, at least for me.

So here's the deal: I've became smitten with the "Become a Legend" mode of PES 2018, already made my own story and i am at the second year, started with Velez Sarsfield, already being the leading team of the Primera División League with CA Tigre on the first place.

I bought the game on Steam hoping to find some good adversaries to play with on the online mode, not that i am good, tho. My first game was... favorable, a guy from dunno where (Perhaops from Asia) but with a VERY HIGH level cap (Can't remember very well, i think it was 74 or something) played with me on the 3v3 co op mode. It went favorable for me cuz we tied, which was shameful, cuz i expected to lose. After that tie, reached a higher level and i now can choose different settings and that on the lobby room (Something not available for newcomers until reaching level 2, i think)

Thing is: Played online match first,l then played BAL. After playing for a bit in Regular, then onto Professional and losing as heck and then going back into Regular, i realized: "Huh, this mode is awesome! If this mode would exist in an online match, then this game MUST... no no... WILL reach a high level of stardom, SO high that it would put EA and it's FIFA franchise into deliberate shame!"

Turns out, after asking an Uruguayan friend... that the 3v3 co op mode is not like that, and that only three players must share the entire team (Upon having players far away from each other, the CPU automatically switches a player control to it's nearest companion). Some people claim this mode is awesome, but it would be better if there would be an online mode where you play as one AND ONLY ONE player. No switching, no nothing, no matter if you're SO FAR AWAY, that realistic mode would ROCK!

Trust me, that mode... would kick ass!

The Steam Discussions Thread of this game is so full of people reporting other people of cheating or lagging or disconnecting, that i get no info about it, so i've found this forum and i would thank you if you answer me this question:

Is there an online mode, where it's gameplay is like BAR mode where a player is only one player and ONLY ONE? I've heard rumors there is one, but i don't get it quite well.

Thanks for your attention.

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