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Konami , please give 'vibration/force feedback' support for PC ...

I don't know vibration is available for PS3 n xbox360 or not but PES2009 PC version doesn't have any vibration support.The gaming experience increases 200% when u get vibration feedback.i remember when i used to play Football on PS2 the vibration gave me those feeling like , i have been tackled or collusion .vibration can be implemented in so many ways as football is a game of body contact and power . now a days most of the PC controllers support vibration..
So i would request to Konami to implement vibration support for wide range of PC controller. ( 'flatout' racing game has awesome vibration support that supports almost all controller ).. PES2009's controller configaraton setting panel is just awesome unlike fifa09 PC where u can not remap ur controller and even u cant adjust the most basic functions.i congratulate konami for doing such a neat work when it comes to controller settings.
So for PES2010 PC version....konami, please implement vibration support for branded controllers as well as generic cheap controllers.

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And here we are with PES2011 and still no presence of vibration feature while FIFA on the other side is improving in each new version. In past year I saw quite a few friends switch to FIFA. I'll always be a PES player no matter what FIFA achives in the future but this is, and I'm speaking for myself, one of the biggest issues for all PES released games. So KONAMI let's kick back and see what happens when some new kids have PES and FIFA in their hands for the first time in life, how will they choose ?
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PES 2012 is out and still no rumble support.
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