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I look for an experienced COOP teammate PES 2018

Hello, comrads!
I've just started playing Co-Op mode 2018 (Lite - I'm not Abramovich ) and I'll tell you - I was involved. I have my own clan, it's in second place in 5 div. And everything is cool, but ... I don't have a constant (also faithful and adequate) teammate. And so I decided to leave my message here, maybe someone would like to raise my-our (and yours, if you're with me) clan from the knees to the stars.
I need a reliable person (defense), patient (positional game), with strong nerves (ball control), flexible (with any skill) and resolute (well, it's necessary to score some goals, yeah ). If it's YOU, comrade, immediately knock me on the PMs, Facebook (in search: Tim Amir / just so *), STEAM (LeG1oN_23), as you please
See you in the fields of our Game, mates. All the best

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