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My club is the devil's work

This is the best pes to date. Sure the old days were great but it's not the old days and for what we have this is a amazing amazing game.

I love playing coop. Couch or online with my friend.
But we have limited options. I wanna play coop but I don't ever wanna see a my club team again!

Keep the format. Sure people love it. Probably the younger market.

But please add a coop mode where you cannot use any my club teams.
99% of matches in coop were playing against the exact same team. Messi, salah, mane, hazard, Ronaldo etc etc etc. Super fast, dribble masters. It's flat boring!

It means if we wish to use a real life club team...we're restricted to about six. Juve, Barca, man city etc.

Sure, we can beat these teams sometimes. And that's a sweet feeling. But far too often we're the only ones playing football. But cos they have ronaldo and salah up to 99. Well... You know the rest.

sometimes we want to play with weaker clubs... West brom, olympiakos, udinese, river plate..wonderful random clubs from around europe and the world. We also want to play against these teams. But no... It's salah, messi, maradona, Ronaldo. Zzz zzz.
I want to see teams that I see play on the weekends. We also wanna use international teams and not play a my club team. Match us with other internationals. A separate section maybe?

Why isn't there a mode exactly like single player divisions but with coop option?

Perhaps there's a good reason? I can't think of one. I'm not suggesting you take anything away as I know Myclub is a success for many. But simply add a coop mode to divisions. And next week me and my friend could be playing Brighton vs Siena or Betis vs AZ.

Like I said.... Clone teams of seven forwards all rated at 99 has ruined the online coop.

Thanks for reading

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To Konami that translates as stop letting people Spend real money to obtain players, which translates back to you as hahahahahaha
I agree with you tho, there should be various divisions to chose type of team play. Thee worst imo is coop vs 1p & com aka assisted help arrrrghh
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