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Does Anyone Do this

So i was playing pes 12 earlier and i got bored of never scoring long shots. So what i done was went into Edit Mode and created a player called OP Long Shot and i put all his stats upto 99 and i scored a awesome goal when i played him. So what i done is gone into edit again and edited the whole squad to 99.

So I just wanna has anyone ever done this its fun for like 3 games

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Yes ive done it for a laugh... I also made them al 8ft tall lol...and played a 2-3-5 formation so 5 players in attack

Tell you what try playing against them just for a challenge lol....You can win but you have to defend like you had 11 beckenbauers Maldinis Baresi or tony adms , on the pitch, Like i said this is a real challenge hehe
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It so good!!!

Elder Scrolls Online will be released, and to see it go Elder Scrolls Online gold
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