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Hello from Duisburg

Hello everybody

im playing PES-this wonderful soccer game- since the early 90s on SNES.

this year it makes most fun,and for my opinion its better than the other soccer game cause i like editing.

im an older gamer,now 54 years old and married and im working for german railways.

Duisburg is in the "Ruhr-Area",my home football teams playa 3.League but i hope that MSV would be promote to 2.League soon.

im also doing groundhopping,ive vistited about 610 ground in 12 countrys-in 2017 i hope to visit Amsterdam and also Breda or Enschede for Womens European Championship

maybe a few people remember me als "Kuddel Daddeldu" from pesgalaxy,ive made some special faces like Mick Jagger,Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson in a thraed named "Kuddels Kppe"

("Kppe" is a german dialect word for faces)

today im lucky cause now i can write here,it was my AOL-adres which dont let me in here.

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