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Hey, Hello PES Gaming! :D

Hello, my username is philips_99, and I am a big PES Fan.

In my opinion, PES has better gameplay than FIFA (and yes, I've played FIFA, I'm not one of those who judge without even play the game), and I love to create the teams I want in the game, especially this year, where you have more generic teams, more spaces to import kits (in 1024x1024 size) and even more small stadiums for small teams. I wouldn't mind if the game had no licences. In fact, it would be good for me to create the teams and leagues I want

I play PES since I was 6 or 7 years old. My first PES was PES 5 (on ps2). So many good memories from it! Everytime I think about it, I feel that Konami should play those old games again and put some of the old features in the new games.

I've played PES 5, PES 2009, PES 11, PES 12, PES 13, PES 16 and now PES 17 (on ps4). Still have all of those games except PES 5.

Well, this was my long/short story about PES, and my hello to PES Gaming. Sorry If I make any mistakes, english isn't my main language.

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