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PES 6 Stats editing

Hi all,

This is my first post. I been playing PES from 2005. Really loved the game. Played both pes5 and pes6. But the sequels didn't go well. The latest frustration was pes 2014. I am really disappointed with this game. So, I turned back to Pes 6 now.

Now, I face two problem which niggles me in this game. First is low amount of fouls. Second is the GKs are Super Hero. Very rare to get a foul. Even if I do get a foul, GKs frustrate it with Super Hero Jump, skill, etc. Hence, I need to make this part funnier

So thought of editing the option file, I edited all GK stat and reduced GK skill by 30, response 20, jump 30. Now my keeper allows at least allow some freekicks aimed at corners (No more monkey jumpings). Next is the amount of fouls, so reduced the all players defense by 30, balance & response by 20. CPU started committing fouls at some points. The whole effect is CPU commits fouls, free kick gets easier and I started conceding goals which never happen if I play with weak team.

With this option file, I started the Master League. It was totally fun to get fouled and trying a free kick in matches. But problem started when negotiations started. New Comers stats were not affected in the editing. What should I do so that all the new comers stats are adjusted? I use pes editor 6 to adjust the stats. Any suggestions are welcomed.

Note: I Just wanted to make this game funnier and tease with this game for fun. So no offense that I tweaked stats like above mentioned.

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