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My favorite football game of all time is Winning Eleven 10 Japanese edition. With that said, I don't know if I should get PES 5 or 6? I heard so many mix opinion about both. For example some say PES 5 is less arcane than PES 6 yet PES 5 has perfect passing while PES 6 has power bar passing? Wouldn't that make PES6 less arcade than 5? I have also heard that PES 5 you can score 6 goals before halftime while PES 6 you can score 1 goal the entire game, meaning it harder to score.

Which is which, I'm confuse?

In your opinion, what is the most realistic football game between those two? I want a game where passing isn't precise and take skills (unlike pass PES/WE games), and I want a game where scoring goals is like real life (require multiple passes) (pretty much anything opposite of Fifa).

Lastly, I heard that defending in PES 6 is not as easy as PES 5 yet Penalty shootout is much better.

So what should I get guys? Also if I buy it for PS3, can I still get updated roster, team logo, etc... or is that only available on PC?


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