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After 15 games with WE6....some questions

okay.....logged about 15 games under my belt and I have a few more questions for all you soccer-heads:

-is it my imagination or does the R1 button seem not as pronounced on harder difficulty levels?
-I am having a hard time making any effective passes other than centering crosses with the [ ] button.....any tips?
-What is the best all around, multipurpose formation to use?
-Can I change my strategy on the fly or do I have to go into the pause menu. I know you can make any one player more defensive or offensive on the fly, but can u do it for the whole team?
-What length periods do u guys use? I find 10 mins too short and 15 mins about right.
-Is there anything important I should change from any of the default settings? I pretty much left everything as is.
-Does anyone use the right analog for passing? I have yet to try this, but it sounds the passing in NBA2K3.
-Do I need to make substitutions during a game? Any way to have the computer make auto-subs for me? I mostly play Cup tournys.
-What camera angles do u guys use? I can see more of the field with the normal-long view, but I like the closer look of the players with the normal-medium view.

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1. Not sure how you are using R1 and R2 but it is better to hold it down to change the dribble speed. Best to use when in space.

2. Have you changed the controls to be like fifa?
Check the scanner at the bottom to see if anyone is open for a long pass.
In the controller options there is something to change how the long pass button works and it may be worth experimenting with various options or asking which option other use.

3. Whatever suits you or your team best. Generally most use 4-4-2 (diamond) or 3-5-2B (2 DMFs).

4. In the formation screen, go to Strategies and select manual or automatic - you can choose to select 4 strategies to use during play and this can include changing the team formation quickly by activating a strategy.

5. 10 or 15 is the most popular. Master League is fixed on 10 mins.

6. In the formations screen, tap R1 once to show you the player form. This is explained in other threads. Picking players on a more up arrow will make them more successful at what they attempt to do. In Master League matches, the bars for stamina also indicate which players are tired and need to be rested. More bars = more stamina. The less the little bars, the more tired they are.

7. It's difficult to master this method of passing and it is worth doing the training excercises for this to get used to.

8. You have to pause the game and go to the formation screen to select the subs. They will be made the next time the ball goes out of play.
If someone is on a lower form arrow or has been sprinting around a lot, they will have lower stamina bars and may need to be subbed. Or you can just do it to make a change to see if it improves a certain aspect of your team.

9. Most use the furthest away view, Stand (aka Wide) or normal-long. Stand makes for better passing options.

Hope this helps.
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