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NatsuYami is an unknown

Idea for PES 2016

Hello guys,

I have a thought, they should be a timeline for which a player can choose the desired football club in any era. and the opponent team must be in the same era.

What do u think guys?


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Hi guys

I've been playing mostly offline since iss 1 was introduced and religiously kept to the pes series thru it's development (pro 6 ) was the best I reckon

Gameplay ,ML & BAL and analog controls are still my favourite

Worst aspects are the lack of fouls penalties and freekicks conceded by the AI also if there's a specialist freekick player on your team or CPU opponent let them score for or against

My suggestion for the game is of course more licences and more editing freedom but that's already been very well covered so my suggestions as an expat are for more African club teams competitions and cups there are a large variety to choose from and licences should be cheaper a bit of legwork could add a new dimension to the game and make it truly a global game
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lanzajamones is an unknown

Master League Special Rules

Im not looking for this in PES 2016 maybe in the future but
you can try this.

You are putting an effort to improve Master League,
you should do better transfers, real currency...

i suggest you to introduce optional rules for:
- Set max. XX number of players (roster), by example 25,
you can have more players but you only will be able to play with 25 you choose until next transfer window.
If a player got injuried for 12 weeks or more you can replace it for another, even you can sign another player.

- Set max. X/X foreign players (roster and line up), by example 4 players max. for roster and 3 for line up.

- Amateur League Rules Legacy

This option set 22 players max. for roster. (inscription)
You have to inscribe a minimum of 6 players Under 23 years old.
Minimum of 16 players, 6 of them U23.

- Amateur League Rules.

This option set 22 players max. for roster. (inscription)
You can have up to 16 players with 23 (or more) years old.
You have to inscribe a minimum of 3 players Under 23 years old.
Minimum of 16 players, 3 of them U23.

Even so you can inscribe 22 U23 players but in the following seasons when they hit 23 years old, you will be able to inscribe 16 of them.

With this options we need a solid youngster system to feed our team with U23 players,
but also an option where a foreign player to became naturalized if he played 3 years in our league.

[This "Rules" prevail in third & fourth tier leagues in Spain]
And i think this optional rules could be fun and give more complexity to master league
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PesMaster1 has stepped out of the darkness into slightly less darkness

In my personal opinion, I think adding extra national teams would be great. In Master League, We should be able to Transfer teams as a manager and we should be able to become a manager of a national team.

I have never played PES 2015, but I must say that's a big step up from previous versions, There are lots of leagues. Great to see the Championship and Liga Adelante in the game.

I would like to see the option to move a team into a new league without exchange, Example : If there were 3/4 Greek teams in the game but someone wanted to create the whole Greece league, We should be able to create league and pick how many teams in that league. This would be amazing for master league purposes as we wouldn't have a mixture of teams playing in the same division.

I would like to see more national teams in the game. Would be amazing to be able to create a national team. (There could be 30 or 40 players from a country but no national team).

List of national teams Konami need to add : Albania, Iceland, Belarus, Armenia, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania & Latvia. These teams are no world beaters but they are average teams with some decent players.

It would be amazing to see these teams in also : Macedonia, Faroe Islands, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Georgia & Malta. The lower graded / rated national teams, Would make the game better.

It would just amazing to see Andorra, San Marino & Gibraltar in the game. Thanks
My PES 2012 Option File (2015/16 Season) Out Now !!!!

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marcosyy87 is an unknown

Here is some suggestions:
A- Issue: you can only change selection between 2 players when you don't hold ball possession. This is a terrible flaw in soccer because you almost always want to steal the ball with the player chasing from behind the enemy and it's hard to select and control them with only 2 selection choices.
Suggestion: turn back to 3 player selection as it was in 2011 or enable this option in control setup. This is very important.

B- Issue: Many tactical options were removed. Game is becoming dumb like FIFA. Important options like force offside line were removed and now defensive lines don't move altogether and break their line too often. They worked very well in the PES2011. I could fix the lack of automatic offside maneuver in 2014 by associating it with a button and calling it manually but this option was also removed in 2015. Another example is the pressure option that worked very well and now is gone.
Suggestion: Add them again. This game was far more tactical than FIFA and it's losing this feature. Either A/B/C options like the old times or the current 0-20 are good, just put them back.

C- Issue: defending players just don't try to stop the ball even if it moves next to their feet. I know you can fix it by holding "X" but it's not intuitive and results in ugly and dumb plays. Sometimes it feels like there isn't any defending player at all because the ball just keep passing through them.
Suggestion: improve defending players AI overall. To stop the ball if the pass comes too close is what you could expect from a defender, not doing it is just too weird. It worked well in 2011. Defensive controls can't be way too hard.
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danny2cul is an unknown

Through balls and some passes seem to go trough the defence too easily. They need better reactions when the ball gets close and should try and intercept it.
The collisions are good but they are hardly ever called as fouls even when they would be fouls in real life.
Football Life
Bring back some features of pes 2013 BAL and ML. Transfer Cutscenes. Also maybe free training with your player that makes you get used to him better and maybe even improve his skills. Like if you shoot a lot and score you can add a keeper for further practice of shooting.
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I amazed that you can't have a champions league friendly online with a friend why is this.
Stamina in myclub is a joke. 2 games and they need full recovery.
Contracts are far to dear and there is no way on winning contract tickets on single player.
There needs to be a max as to how many levels a player can level up otherwise everyone will have superstar players when the best players on the game should stay that way. Spoils the mode completely if this was the case.
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razwanmahmud is an unknown

Pro evolution soccer suggestion

Hi I just wanted to give an idea which I believe will be exciting for fellow pro evo lovers.

Being able to go back in time to a historical moment in football history. For example the 1999 UEFA champions league final. Playing as Manchester United and needing to score 2 goals against Bayern Munich in the final few minutes. Of course with the same kits and the same players that were present then.

Or another example of having to score 3 goals in the second half against AC Milan, playing as Liverpool. Then winning on penalties. So basically revisiting history.

I believe this is possible as we have the UEFA licences.
Thank you.
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ManStuNited is an unknown

Some subtle yet cool changes PES

Become a Legend suggestion 1:
a) Choosing an outfit
How about being able to choose your players outfit/ kit style based on the weather he will encounter in the game?
So you could choose a wet weather kit: Long sleeves and shorts
Snow/Cold weather kit: Long sleeves and gloves and neck warmer, and leg warmers etc
Sunny weather kit: all shorts
When you play in sunny cold weather, the game would automatically load the cold weather kit you chose for your player to play in.

b)First, second and third kit and boots combos
You could also choose what boots to play in when the your team wears the second/third kit. Some players like to choose boots to match the kit.
Each time the 2nd kit is used it automatically loads the boots you choose to wear with that kit.

Become a legend suggestion 2:
a)Milestone/Achievement tracking:

Why not use real life records that you can break when you use your BAL player.
E.G. Most goals scored in a career = 501 (Cristiano Ronaldo)
Have the commentators comment on this when you near breaking the record.
It would make the experience more realistic and satisfying.

Other records like:
Most goals in a season
Most assists
Most clean sheets
Most goals/assists in least amount of matches played.
Most goals/assists in a tournament (like champs league)

Most awards won

You could even extend theses records to Master league for coaching/management statistics, etc.

Master League suggestion 1:

a) New kit each season:
At the end of each season, is it possible to randomize the kit design so that with each new season your team plays in a new kit.
For me personally, it wont matter if the kit does not match the "real-life" new design as long as it can maintain the logos and kit sponsor logos (if you have applied a patch), and colors etc.
Would really be cool if you finished a season and the game randomized a new kit for you with the same logos and colors, just different design.
For instance, kits with V necks become kits with a collar etc.

b) Give Credit where credit is due:
This idea is very similar to the milestone/achievement tracking.
When your team finishes a season unbeaten, have the commentator comment on this when you win the tournament or league.
It would be nice to win the league unbeaten and have a special mention when the cut scenes are playing of you holding the trophy or doing the "victory lap"
They could also comment on other achievements like most goals/assists, least goals conceded.
They could even mention treble wins and other achievements like winning the double over a rival team in a season.
Or clubs to win the most League cups etc.
Even if the commentators don't mention it, it would be nice if the game acknowledged it in the news feeds on the menu screen or something.

Just some ideas.
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rombo is an unknown

I played a copy of PES 2008 the other day and while it reminded me of how frustrating it could be (how hard was it to hit the target!), it did make me think that a football game that leant more towards arcade than sim could do well these days. I think a lot of the frustrations about modern footy games are born out of how ‘close’ they’re getting to emulating the real thing, transfer negotiations, player instructions and an endless list of stats are so time consuming for players, when really you just want to be playing the game. They’re also difficult to get right for developers and fixing one problem only seems to create another. I reckon a stripped back game, in terms of reducing the amount of time you have to spend tinkering with tactics and searching for players would appeal, especially as today’s games could handle these factors for you in a more satisfying way than they could 10 years ago.
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JohnBlaster is an unknown

Myclub Agents system of aquiring players is so dull to me... rebuild this system in a more genius way.
i kinda miss the old myclub way of aquiring players, so more true and harder.
the ball roulete is fine. add a trading system between players. add a scout to look for a specific positional player we want to sign.

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stuartdunlop is an unknown

I'm fairly enjoying PES2016 at the moment so I've made a video with examples of issues I think need to be improved on for PES2017

Take a look and let me know what you think
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coconutter is an unknown

IDEA: how about answering to questions on this forum?
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puerta21 is an unknown

Faster Gameplay.

I play Pes 2017 with +2 and its so slow that i go to the toilet if i´m in front with two goals. i need more action or just a range till +5. And i need more long shot goals and less goals with just high pass and header.....
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Has anyone write here something about "new servers for Online mode" before?
This my (sure, not only mine) main "idea" already for 6-7 years. But looks like Konami doesn't give a flying f**k regarding "ideas" like this, so I can see PES 2018 Online as a lagging POS again.

Also, sure, Konami pulling hairs out of their heads now regarding they didn't add coins in Scout Auctions. So, mark my words: Konami will definitely add this "revolutionary idea" in PES 2018.

Easily can see bunch of kids spending hundreds of dollars of their parents to get 5*LW+5*Real Madrid Scouts combo,etc.
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