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Playing online against anyone!!

Hi guys,
First time poster and this forum seems the friendliest and best out there.

I've always been a pro evo guy however as I get older I'm not as quick on the uptake these days!

All I want to do is play online. I've made my profile, added communities etc etc. Whenever I go to a commumity and select 1v1 it always states I'm the host and no-one ever joins. I've tried inviting everyone in the list but no joy. None of my frinds play this so I honestly have no clue...All I want to do is go online and play ranked matches against strangers etc...the usual.

Thanks in advance guys and my username is monehton if anyone wants to add me(i'm pretty rubbish tbh). :-)

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choody79 is an unknown

Oh well. Looks like i'll need to try another forum for help.
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You don't need to go into communities just go on to ranked match and you should be abel to play randoms, or go into football life and play master league online.
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You can always play Online Ranking Match, right? There are tons of strangers there. No sweat.
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