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Hello everyone!

I'm Phønix and I hope to have a good time with all of you!

My first gaming console – a Playstation 2 – was bundled with a copy of This Is Football 2003, and even though TIF was probably the weakest soccer-game around at the time, the experiences I had with the game ultimately turned me into a fan of the genre! There was something oddly charming about starting a new career and adjusting your team of choice however you liked to. The Transfer-system of the game (where you could be overbid by other clubs at the last moment) left me with many great memories and frustrations.

I later became a bit of a Fifa-natic, and I faithfully collected the annual releases for quite some years. I still have many fond memories of my Fifa-days: using the limited editting-system in Fifa 2003 to create two dream-teams for use in multiplayer-games; having a wonderful time in Fifa 2004's Career Mode – and above all, the crazy matches I played against friends in all editions of Fifa up until 2007/2008.

It was around the same time that I read an old article about Pro Evolution Soccer 3. It was so well-written that I instantly got curious about the hidden delights of the PES-series. It led me to go out and buy PES 5 and it was a groundbreaking change for me. Depsite a rough start with the game's controls and presentation, I slowly came to love the game. I'm not lying when I say PES 5 is easily the soccer-game I have played (and probably enjoyed) the most. I've stuck with PES since then and my admiration for the series is still going strong. There are still things that can be improved upon, but I really enjoy the strange mixture of great gameplay and the “do-it-yourself” aspect of editing teams and leagues.

Anyway, that's more or less my PES-story.

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