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Thumbs up Hello

hello all newbie here not a newbie to pro evo but a newbie to this great forum....(why aint i found it ealier?!?!)

anyway am a student from liverpool been playing iss/pro evo games since near the start but my love for the game really started with the pro evo series and my pro evo 2 has currently not been out my ps2 for around a month... (not that i havent got other games its just i luv this game)

i have came here mainly for editing info on pro evo like player creation but will hopefully contribute soon when i get good at things

and i'll end this with a thank you and a have a nice day

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have a nice day to you too!

Welcome to the forums!
Two peanuts walked into a bar.

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Yes hello matey... When r u guys gonna sack Houllier?
You want moto? You want massage? Er... you want nice lay-dee?
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